The Austin Healey Garden Route Tour 2022, covers the period  30th April to 6th May 2022. It includes the Garden Route Motor Club Car Show and ends in time for those wishing to attend the Jaguar Simola Historic Car Hill Climb on Friday 8th May. Although the Hill Climb is not part of the Tour, assistance can be provided on request.                   

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The Garden Route stretches along the Southern  coast of South Africa  from Mossel Bay to Storms river, a distance of 250 kms, and is approximately 30 kms wide. The Outeniqua  mountains to the North  and the Indian Ocean on the South ,form natural boundaries. Knysna is roughly in the centre, however the village of Wilderness has been chosen because of its closer proximity to the two road passes which traverse the Outeniqua mountains.

Based the entire time at the Wilderness Hotel, the venue offers superb accommodation and is about a five minute walk to the beach.

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DAY 1 [30/04] ARRIVAL 

Check-in time at  Wilderness Hotel,  is from 15h00 on 02/05/2020.  Please collect your detailed  TOUR PROGRAMME 

The tour commences with a  welcome address  and “happy hour”.  Dinner includes four bottles of wine per table of eight.[all included in Tour cost]  


The estimated TOTAL COST   is still to be determined. This covers  accommodation  for  six  nights at Wilderness  Resort and Spa Hotel .  Terms and conditions, applicable to the provision of meals are as follows:   

* Breakfast is served at Wilderness Hotel and is included in cost of the accommodation

* All other meals are included in the Tour cost and are arranged as follows: If lunch is the main meal          then dinner will be a light snack/supper.

* Conversely a light lunch will be followed by the main meal at dinner time. 

If you are unable to participate in the entire tour, or you are on your own, a  PERSONALISED  TOTAL COST  will be generated on request.

You are encouraged to submit an ENTRY FORM without delay, so as to secure your accommodation, which will be allocated on a first come basis.  For those not requiring accommodation, you are never the less urged to complete  an Entry Form, so that you can be allocated a  REFERENCE NUMBER, which will be used  in  all future correspondence . Payment only becomes due as per  schedule below.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE:                                                                                                                              

* First deposit,      R5000 by 01/08/2021

* Second deposit, R5000 by 01/12/2021  

* Final payment   01/03/2022 [amount will be advised]

No payment is required before first deposit date. 

Bank details will be communicated in due course.                                                               





[ 40kms one way]    Arrive at Show at 09h15 where we will be allocated our own area for the day.  Snacks and liquid refreshment will be provided at lunch time. We depart from the show at  15h00.  The day is brought to an end at 18h00 with “happy hour”, [own account]  followed by dinner at the Wilderness Hotel.

                                                                                                                                                    A short video of the 2018 Knysna Car Show

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DRIVE  TO  SWARTBERG MANOR. [105 Kms one way]   We proceed in a Northerly direction  over Outeniqua pass, cross the Small Karoo, and end at the base of the Swartberg Mts where we enjoy lunch at Swartberg  Country Manor.   [A glass of wine /beer or its equivalent, plus lunch included  in Tour cost]                                                                                                    

Return to Wilderness.   “Happy hour “ [own account],  followed by supper/snack at the Wilderness Hotel.                           

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Day 4  [03/05] “TRAVEL THE SILK ROUTE”


An inspiring and educational power point presentation by Brian and Sue Dowding’s  Silk Route experience. [Brian is a member of Garden Route Motor Club and an inveterate Morgan owner]  Lunch  finishes off the morning.  

Afternoon  free .“Happy Hour”  [own account] followed by a braai at the hotel. 

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Silk Road Extended through to the Mongolian Plateau in the North

In the Tang Dynasty, the Silk Road was greatly extended. During the reign of the Tang Taizong, his military force defeated the Eastern Turks in 630, established friendly relations with the Western Turks and vanquished Gaochang (Turpan), Yanqi (Qarashar) and Qiuci (now Kuche). The Tang Empire set up a Protectorate General to Pacify the West (Anxi Daduhufu) in 640, strengthening the dominion of the Western Regions. In 646, the Mobei (now Mongolian Plateau) was under the control of the Tang Dynasty by subduing the Western Turks. Then the road to Mongolian Plateau via Altai appeared, reinforcing contacts between the Mongolian Plateau and the vast Western Regions.

Silk Road Extended through to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the South


Silk Dress in Tang Dynasty

Prior to the Tang Dynasty, a new route had opened up between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Southern Xinjiang. In the seventh century, Tubo (the ancient name for Tibet) took power in this plateau and pioneered a route to Nepal through the Karakoram Range. In 641, the marriage between Princess Wencheng and Sontzen Gampo (the ruler of Tibet) made a great contribution to the extension of the Silk Road and cultural exchanges between China and Tibet. Therefore, this ancient road wound over the Aerchin, Karakoram Range in succession, and linked with the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Flourish of the Silk Road in Western Regions

With the unification of the Western Regions, branches of the Silk Road sprang up like mushrooms in this area, forming a complex traffic net. Four famous garrisons (Anxi Sizhen): Qiuci, Yanqi, Shule (now Kashgar) and Yutian (Hetian) became the important crossroads of this trade route. At this time, the importance of the Northern Route of the Silk Road reached its peak because it shortened the distance between the East and the West and got rid of the natural barrier of crossing Pamirs. With its prosperity, many boomtowns and market centers appeared along the Northern Route. In 702, the Protectorate General of Beiting was installed with its administration center in Tingzhou (Jimsar), managing the Northern Route of the Silk Road.

After the Anshi Rebellion broke out – the turning point of Tang Dynasty from prosperity to decline, the road started on its downhill path. The western regions were successively controlled by the Tubo (Tibetan Empire), Uyghurs (Huihu) and the Karakhan Empire.


For more reading on The Silk Route click on the buttons below


Day 5 [04/05]  SCENIC DRIVE

Proceed to Mosselbay via a scenic route for an informative Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Peter Nillson, the archaeologist who discovered Pinnacle Point. Afterwards we proceed to Eight Bells Mountain Inn, situated at the foot of the Robinson Pass, for lunch. 

Before we set off home, we take a quick trip to the summit of the pass. (Just to see whose Healey has the most power)

Evening: “Happy hour” [for own account] followed by dinner at the hotel.

Eight Bells 3.jpg


Eight Bells 1.jpg



For more on the Seven Passses history and some pictures, click on the button below





[Total 250Kms ]

Proceed along  N2 to Knysna, then  follow the road to Plettenberg Bay Airport. En-Route spend a short time at Robberg Nature Reserve, visit Nelsons Cave.[archeological importance]   Proceed to Natures Valley turn off [R102], continue through Groot River pass , cross N2 and remain on R102. We spend a short time at the low level bridge before retracing our steps.[ East of this point  the pass is not maintained,  as it falls within the Eastern Cape ] We enjoy a light lunch in Plettenberg Bay.                                                                                                                                      

“Happy hour” and Farewell Dinner at the Wilderness Hotel.





Storms River Bridges Old & New

Storms River-Old.jpg

Bloukrans River Bridges Old & New



Day 7 [06/05] Time to say goodbye

After  breakfast it's time to say goodbye with members departing for home. Those wishing to attend the  Hill Climb for Historic cars, proceed to  Simola along  N2 to Knysna.The Friday is Classic Car Day with over sixty Historic Cars going up the hill. Saturday and Sunday is King of the Mountain for modern cars including some Formula 1 cars.

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